The Different Types of Car Trailers

In the world of utility trailers, there is a lot to consider. Whether you want to transport twenty tons of manure from one field to the next or whether you want to bring the family out on a week-long trip to finally discover Arizona, choosing the correct equipment trailer in which to transport them is a crucial decision and one that can’t be taken lightly. After all, you don’t want the kids smelling of manure or of having no shelter if it starts to rain, do you? Facetious though the question may sound, it goes to the heart of the thinking process behind the mechanics of decision-making that are involved here.

Getting familiar with the terms may seem like a lot of baloney from the outset – hard work trying to learn a foreign language; especially one that doesn’t mean anything to you. So that’s why I began with the first paragraph: It’s all about the thought process and it’s all about asking yourself some basic questions.

The first one is – do you want to tow the trailer or not? A camper or a motorhome may be what you want if you don’t want to have to be dealing with a tow dolly on your car or any kind of heavy duty trailer putting a strain on the suspension of your vehicle. But you have to realize that this comes at a cost too. For the most part, people tend towards the toy hauler rather than the RV itself. The former allows you to tow, park and then explore the area, having unhitched your accommodation unit. There are others who do it the other way around. For example, my uncle George in Ohio has a busting Winnebago with a tow dolly in back onto which he attaches his little red Corvette. Classy, yes, but he can afford it. You just have to ask yourself if you can or not.

A motorhome is a large vehicle that is limited on maneuverability. It swallows gas like a thirsty Irishman and you need a correct license to drive one. You’ve got to become a bus driver, essentially, to move this self-contained ‘motored home’ around.

But let’s get back to more basic stuff for now. If you want to transport lumber from one soggy field to your back yard, you want what’s known as an ATV trailer – an all-terrain vehicle trailer – or some other type of heavy duty trailer.  If you’ve got a motorcycle, then guess what? You need a motorcycle trailer. Both of the above would be classed as utility trailers, by the way.

An equipment trailer, meanwhile, is a pretty all-encompassing word to describe a thing with two wheels that you attach to the tow dolly for transporting inanimate objects.

Assuming that your needs are more leisure than work-related, then you’re going to need to talk about the different options regarding motorhomes and campers and the like. Following the motorhome, the camper is a step down but will usually have kitchen, as wells as beds and bathroom.

The travel trailer is sometimes described as a trailer RV. These do have the convenience of being able to be brought to all the camp sites – including places where the larger motorhome might be too large to get accommodation. That’s an important consideration if you want to stop overnight in trailer parks where you meet other people rather than the more lonely option of camping roadside.

Tent trailers are an even more affordable option for those that are used to life with a
motorcycle trailer, for example. You can pop these suckers up just about any old where you want. They pack in nice and neat and they’re perfect for the life on the road – like being Jack Kerouac but with some style.

So, to recap on all of this, you have to look yourself  in the eye and ask yourself ‘do I really need more car trailers in my life or not?’ Probably not, but what you want to make sure about is to have the right trailer for you and your family, whether your needs are business or pleasure.

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